Louis Kaufman : 3D Artist / / (715) 307-7913/ Click to Download PDF


Los Angeles Film SchoolAA Computer Animation Graduated March 2014

  • Valedictorian with a cumulative GPA, 3.95

Work Experience

Digital Domain / VR Playhouse – Character Artist April 2017

Responsible for creating realistic characters for VR game

  • Sculpting photo real high res character models and texture maps in ZBrush and Mari
  • Creating game res versions of high poly sculpts with animation ready topology in Maya
  • Baking high res detail down into texture maps

Virsix 3D Generalist Jan 2016

Only artist responsible for creating cohesive and highly appealing VR games

  • Modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating stylized characters and environments
  • Building efficient assets for real time render in VR
  • Creating a clear artistic vision with wide appeal

Sony / Create Advertising Group3D Generalist Oct 2014 to Oct 2015

Responsible for creating ultra-immersive award winning VR experience based on the Robert Zemeckis film “The Walk”

  • Creating photo realistic game textures
  • Modifying existing 3D models to run efficiently in real time VR
  • Working as part of a small specialized VR team to create high quality VR experiences

Bin24/7 – Digital Sculptor Nov 2014 to Apr 2015

Responsible for creating highly detailed sculptures for 3D Print

  • Sculpting realistic models based on concept art
  • Making high detail sculptures into hollowed out printable files
  • Matching real world dimensions with high accuracy

ZBrush Workshops / UArtsyCourse Manager Mar 2013 to Feb 2014

Responsible for workshop management and curriculum development

  • Moderating live online workshops
  • Working with Artist to create compelling content
  • Scheduling and managing live workshops


  • Best in VR and Immersive Entertainment, Digital Hollywood (2015).  Awarded for the VR Experience Can You Walk the Walk based on the film “The Walk”
  • 1st place Animation Smash (2013). Awarded best in show in a school wide, open submission competition selected by staff.
  • 1st place Digital Sculpting Smash (2013). Winner of a two day sculpting competition working from concept, judged by both staff and Pixologic employees
  • 1st place Model Creation Smash (2013). Member of a two man team in an eight hour car creation challenge, judged by Staff and Industry Professionals.


Modeling:      Maya     ZBrush

Texturing:     Photoshop     Substance Painter     Substance Designer     Quixel

Rendering:    Unity     Unreal      Keyshot     

Misc:                Karate     Cartoon Voice Impressions     Firm Handshakes